A force of nature

Stu McDonald, who has been training with Pete McLellan of Body Tech for many years, provides a personal and humorous insight into Pete’s training style and the psychological aspects of getting fit.

Pete’s a force of nature. His total positivity and enthusiasm sweep you along immediately. He’s clearly a master of his trade, and his assuredness is inspiring.

I came to him wanting a Personal Trainer for obstacle course racing, and from the very start, I had full confidence he would teach me everything I needed. He’s always encouraging, always challenging, always good-humoured.

He’s also cheerfully, relentlessly sadistic, he has a habit of undercounting your reps, and his jokes are rubbish. But don’t be put off, he’s sympathetic and patient when it’s needed, and gleefully unsympathetic and impatient when that’s needed instead.

A fitness session with him involves being worked like a dog, being pushed way harder than I thought I could cope with (let alone enjoy), spending an hour at the point of physical and mental overload – and it’s always a really good laugh. I noticed big improvements in my strength and fitness pretty quickly, but even quicker were the huge boosts I got to my self-confidence, my self-belief and my motivation.

Stu McDonald - trained by Pete McLennan
Pete gave me the confidence to take on challenges I didn’t think I was capable of. He’s a great personal trainer and I owe him a lot.

He works in mysterious ways, and he always seems to be several steps ahead of me. Whenever I ask if we can work on any particular thing, eventually I realise we already were. I count myself very lucky to be training with him. It’s half torture, half belly laughs, and it’s always a highlight of my week. It’s really hard work… but it’s not really work when it’s fun and you can feel your progress.

There’s no question that Pete’s Army experience has shaped his style, and I think this is one of the big advantages of choosing Pete – you really get to be the best you can be.

You only need to bring the willingness to be driven hard, and a sense of humour (seeing as his is so bad). If you want to get fitter, be stronger, feel better, be challenged, learn a lot, work really hard, and have a whale of a time doing it, then I can’t recommend him highly enough. Inspirational.

His jokes are seriously guff though.