Personal training services in Edinburgh

Pete McLellan is available for a range of fitness and training services for clients by appointment, and is flexible to tailor regimes to suit clients’ needs and requirements.

His services include:

  • Basic one-to-one physical fitness at home
  • One-to-one yoga sessions
  • Team fitness sessions: football, rugby, schools etc.
  • Specialist muscle and body building
  • Thai kick boxing coaching
  • Basic self defence for women and children
  • Fitness advice for elderly and infirm
  • All forms of training for couples or groups

Corporate Boot Camps

Pete McClelland provides corporate and team building days or weekends for a wide range of businesses and organisations. He can tailor-make a programme to help build staff morale, togetherness, fitness and ethos. The sessions are demanding and for those companies that wish to do something a bit different. They can include ‘boot camp’ style outings – which involve fitness, cross-country activity, dummy exercises and missions, war games, navigation, mock capture, team competitions and self defence training. They are appropriate for all ages and both sexes. They can last a day or a long weekend.

Pete uses all his Army and Marine training techniques; combined with a military approach to discipline and motivation which takes employees out of a comfort zone. However the ‘shiny bums’, as Pete refers to office workers, always end up having had an unforgettable experience – and it is good natured with safety as a prime consideration.

Previous programmes by Pete have been run for small businesses and multi-nationals – mostly in Scotland. However Pete is prepared to travel further afield for special assignments. If you are interested in organising a ‘boot camp’ for your staff or company just give Pete at Bodytech a call to discuss your requirements. Prices vary depending on numbers of people, range of activities, location and time span.

Why a personal trainer?

It's a fact that 70% of adults don't do enough physical activity.

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