What Pete’s customers say about his personal training


Pete from Body Tech is an amazing personal trainer. His sessions are really varied but the one thing they all have in common is he will work you hard. His energy is incredible which gives him the ability to motivate you to do anything. If you want to train hard he is the guy for you.

Sheena Livingstone - Edinburgh

I have been ice skating competitively for about the last ten years and usually train around five days a week. I first started training with Pete of Body Tech almost two years ago, I had fractured my shoulder whilst skating and had been told I would need surgery and no skating for at least six months. He was recommended by a friend, to help motivate me and try and maintain my fitness. Initially I wondered what could be achieved, but Pete had a range of exercises which provided a punishing physical work out whilst not stressing my shoulder. I think in the beginning I saw our training sessions as 'something to keep me sane' until I could get the all clear to skate again. However now I view them as an integral part of my training routine. My shoulder is now back to full strength, but as well as that my stamina has noticeably increased as has my overall strength. On ice I can see a real difference in the height of my jumps and my core stability. Pete's encouragement and enthusiasm make very tough sessions fun and enjoyable. If you are willing to put the effort in, Pete of Body Tech will really make a difference to your overall fitness, confidence and attitude to what is possible.

Michelle Usher - Edinburgh

Pete McLennan has led our weekly yoga class for over ten years and it has become a vital part of our lives! I hope he will be teaching us into our dotage. It is mixed class, enjoyed equally by the men and women. It is a precious hour when everything outside the class gets forgotten as we focus on Pete's challenging yoga routine. Many of the group also do private fitness sessions with Pete. As a personal trainer he pushes hard, but is good at finding your level and making you want to reach it or exceed it.

Jamie and Suzie Single - Edinburgh

Training under Pete is a rare opportunity to work with a truly exceptional teacher. It's no exaggeration to call it an adventure. When I started, I was worried that I just wouldn't be up to it. Don't be put off. It's challenging, varied and inventive, but most of all it's fun. If you have low confidence, he'll build it up.

Stu - Edinburgh

I am delighted to recommend Pete from Body Tech as a Personal Trainer. Pete has worked with me for over two years and pushed me to the limit in every single session. He is dedicated to his role, and works tirelessly to ensure that you achieve the results you want. He listens to what you want to achieve and devises a training plan accordingly, every training session is different, therefore there is no opportunity to become bored or complacent. Pete will recommend diet and vitamins that works for you and your lifestyle. Pete has also worked with my business on a Team Building event which was challenging, but rewarding! I can highly recommend him as a Personal Trainer.

Angela Brunton

Pete McLellan at Body Tech is a transformational fitness coach and personal trainer. But more than that, his positivity and motivation will rub off on you and will inspire you to push yourself harder than you thought possible. He will advise on healthy diet and other lifestyle choices. Wherever you are with your fitness and well-being, he will take you to a new level.

He has worked with all the family including our two teenage sons. He has become a positive role model for them and has inspired them towards a respect for health and fitness. My wife Jo says: “We have been training with Pete for over 10 years, on and off, I can track this progress by looking at photos - it’s always clear when I look at photos that my fittest and most confident will be the period I am training with Pete!”

Roger Green - CEO Brightwater Services Ltd

We'd tried gyms and our own regular exercise regimes, all with variable success. Coming up to forty we thought we'd give personal training a go and have been working with Pete McLellan over the past three years - we haven't looked back. We are fitter, stronger, feel generally better and whilst we wouldn't describe the sessions as entirely enjoyable, Pete's good humour and army style focus keeps us going and gets that little bit extra out of you.
Thanks very much Pete!

Gavin and Lynne Neilson

We have been training with Pete McLellan for several years in Edinburgh; he has transformed us from couch potatoes to “moonwalkers” and marathon runners! Pete at Body Tech has been a constant throughout the years, through ups and downs, motivating and spurring us on and as a result, we have kept up a good level of fitness and flexibility. We are not sure what we'd do without our wonderful personal trainer Pete!

Shirley Galbraith and Ruth Nicol

If you want to see a real improvement in your strength and fitness, give Pete at Body Tech a call. Be ready for some hard work with impressive results, whatever your starting point. I started working with Pete because, despite my best efforts at training, my fitness and strength had hit a plateau. Pete's ability to adapt exercises to work with me in a wheelchair has been truly impressive After a few weeks I was feeling muscles I didn't know I had. Now three years on I am significantly stronger - I can see real benefits in all my sports and everyday activities.

Richard Priestley

When I was 17 I decided to try and become a Royal Marine. The entry is brutally competitive, with over 100 recruits starting the six-week course and often fewer than ten making the grade. My Dad got Pete from Body Tech to train me and help me prepare - both physically and psychologically. I worked with Pete for several months and spoke to him during the six weeks training. His help, encouragement and guidance was incredible. Pete made me realise what level of fitness was required and gave me a fresh understanding of my limits. Not only did I get through the training, and joined 45 Commando, I also won the King's Badge - the honour for the single best recruit on the course. I know that this was down to Pete; indeed I'm not sure I would have even completed the course if it hadn't been for Pete and his help.

Scott Atkinson - Edinburgh

Look no further… Pete has made us feel better, fitter, and good about ourselves. We have mixed emotions leading up to our intensive home sessions knowing that he will put us through the paces, but there is no doubt the after effect of feeling good lasts through to the next session!

Working away from home and travelling is never the easiest way of keeping yourself in good shape, but through the convenient home workouts with Pete pushing us on, we are very much fitter than at any part of our lives.

Pete makes you feel good, offers dietary advice, fits in with our busy lives, and is such a nice person we could never think of him being anything else than part of our lives.

Joe Parker and Lady Lorraine Simpson Parker, Laird of Glencairn

If you really want to get fit then Pete is definitely the man for the job!

You will never need to go to the gym again because whether it's nutrition advice, personal training or a one-man comedy show he can supply it all. In fact he has rocked both my kids to sleep as babies while I trained! It doesn’t get much better than that. No travelling to a gym, needing a crèche… Pete will help you find the discipline you need!

I have been training with Pete for four years now and he has helped me bounce back from two pregnancies and over four stone in excess flab. I love training with Pete and really look forward to our sessions. He is a great trainer and a lovely person but he is not for the chicken-livered!


What can I say? I would never have believed when I started out with Pete that he could do so much, in only one hour a week, in such a small place, and with very little equipment. Previously I had tried gyms, putting in more time than I do now but with nowhere near the same results. I was a fat, unfit and fed up forty year old. Pete was the catalyst I needed and he has been fundamental in changing all that. I have lost 2 stone and my muscle tone has changed significantly. I honestly believe I have never been so fit - my adult life and I have a renewed zest for life! The impact on my emotional wellbeing has been priceless.

When I first organised a session I was very apprehensive but Pete quickly put me at my ease and has been a great motivator. On the odd occasion when I feel I can’t be bothered, within a few minutes of Pete’s arrival I feel so much better.

My young children are constantly impressed with how many press-ups I can do and I am delighted with the changes in me both physically and emotionally. This has been the best investment I have ever made - I highly recommend him if you want to try out a personal trainer.

Kate Currie

I started training with Pete when the demands of my job as First Minister were starting to have a real effect on my energy and my health. In four years I have never regretted that decision - except when I am in the middle of one of his weekly sessions! I am fitter, stronger and more healthy and I know he has made that difference.

Jack McConnell

My wife purchased a few sessions with Pete for my 42nd birthday. Having done no exercise for ten years I was very reluctant and sceptical as to what a one hour per week session would achieve. Also frankly a little intimidated. I have now been working with Pete for over 15 years and can honestly say he has given me a new lease of life. I feel fitter, am much stronger, and have much more confidence that I can take on even quite heavy physical challenges. I also know that I would never do as much under my own steam. A personal trainer just makes you do the extra you otherwise wouldn't do. Pete just pushes you that little bit further.

Ian McAteer - Edinburgh

Twelve months of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiotherapy leaves its mark on my previously fit an healthy body. Finding the effort or the enthusiasm to return to a gym seemed an impossible task, it was easier to give in and become a couch potato. However my husband was not going to let this happen. A personal trainer seemed to be the best solution. If I couldn’t find the get up and go then a trainer had to come to me. Initially I was very apprehensive, I was very weak and didn’t want to become weaker.

My husband had met Body Tech owner Pete McLellan at our local gym and explained my situation. An initial consultation was arranged. The professionalism and genuine concern shown impressed me. Pete had only just met me and I already felt he had joined my crusade in returning to good health and fitness.

My first 45 minute session wasn’t too bad. With loads of encouragement I made it to the end of the session without too much effort. I continued to have two sessions per week for the following year and I was amazed at how my body responded. I felt awakened from my bad experiences of ill health. My energy soared and my whole well being improved. Body Tech also gave me advice on diet and food supplements to aid my fitness and health.

I continue to exercise now at a gym. I have the motivation and passion to keep this well being feeling. I can't thank Body Tech enough for putting the life back into my soul and the fitness back into my body. At 43 years I am now in better health and shape than ever. A big thanks to Body Tech.

Janie Noble - Edinburgh

I thought I was relatively fit as I would go running occasionally and sometimes play 5-a-side football. However a couple of sessions with Pete really opened my eyes. What struck me was just how little we use our muscles in our day-to-day existence. With Pete I rediscovered muscles and really felt like I had a proper workout.

Charles Middleton - Cheltenham

I started with Pete just over two years ago. I believed that I was reasonably fit, having played football and trained for that for a long time. After the first session I realised I was unfit. Pete works me hard and has a lovely way of being nice in coaxing the maximum effort I can give, taking me way beyond any training I have done before. At 50 I am fitter than at anytime in the last twenty years, and a gym would never have done that for me.

Ricky Quinn

I have been training with Pete on a weekly basis for many years and am definitely stronger for it. Motivating and enthusiastic, he can always get an extra few reps out of you, keeping you working harder than a weak willed individual like myself would otherwise manage! For all over fitness and body conditioning I would highly recommend Pete.


Thanks Pete for the years of knowledgeable input - I am now leaner, stronger and fitter for the weekly fitness sessions. Also glad of the stretching exercises to strengthen and ease back aches along the way.


Love the boxing, hate the burpees! Thanks Pete for putting me through my paces when home from university. A great personal trainer!


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